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About This Site

Eternal Game Info is a fan site dedicated to the online collectible card game (CCG) Eternal from Dire Wolf Digital. This site is totally unofficial and not endorsed or supported by Dire Wolf. Eternal and all related artwork and text are property of Dire Wolf. The Eternal card game is available free via Steam, you can find out more from the official website: The game is currently in early access Open Beta, so things are likely to change; check the date stamp at the bottom of each page to see how likely it is to be up to date. Although presented in wiki format (using MediaWiki, the software that powers Wikipedia), this site is a single user project and not crowd sourced. It is and will remain a work in progress. Despite my best efforts there will definitely be opinions, omissions and errors - so use what you find here at your own risk! My goal is to explain, not just list, and I'll be going for depth of coverage rather than width. So don't consider this site an alternative to an in-game manual, but hopefully it will be of some use to new players. If you want to contact me you can do so at this email address.