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Battle Skill
One Shot Effect

"Protected fom one enemy spell or effect (but not from battle damage)."

Aegis is one of the Skills in Eternal. It's a Battle Skill so it only takes effect once a unit has been played on the battlefield. It's most commonly found on cards from the Justice and Primal factions.

Units protected by an active Aegis effect are shown on the battlefield with a shimmering blue line around the outside.

Aegis will stack with other Battle Skills but not with itself. So if you already have an Aegis and play a card like Protect you don't end up with a double Aegis.

What Does Aegis Do?

Aegis is effectively an anit-magic shield. A unit with Aegis is protected against one enemy spell type effect (either an actual spell or a magical effect). After the shield has protected against one spell effect it ceases to be active, making this a one shot effect.

All spell effects are protected against, both those specifically targeted at the unit and Area of Effect spells. But only enemy effects, not ones that you initiate. So you can't use Aegis to protect a unit of yours whilst raining mass death down on the whole battlefield!

It's important to note that Aegis only protects against magical effects. It doesn't have any effect against battle damage - so if you block against an attacking unit - or a defender blocks against you - then the Aegis won't stop your unit being killed but nor will it be used up. Aegis also has no effect against Deadly.

Although Aegis is a One Shot skill - it only works once - it can protect against more than one effect if those effects happen simultaneously. Exactly what 'simultaneously' means is unclear but my guess is it refers to cards such as Feeding Time which says:"Transform a unit into a Pig, and then kill it." Despite the 'then', both these effects are triggered from one card and could be considered simultaneous. (ToDo: check)

Some units come with an Aegis effect however any unit can gain an Aegis, for example by using a spell such as Protect. Note that your main character can also gain Aegis: some spells such as Stand Together only affect battlefield units, some such as Eilyn's Favor only affect your character and some such as Protect let you choose.

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This page written for Eternal version 1.15, Card Set 1