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Non Battle Skills
One Shot Effect

"Can be played to block an enemy attack or at the end of their turn."

Ambush is a One Shot Skill in Eternal. It's a Non Battle Skill which can be activated on your opponent's turn. It's a rare skill currently found mostly on cards from the Time faction.

What Does Ambush Do?

A unit with the Ambush skill can be played from your hand during the opponent's turn. There are two cases when you can do this:

The first is to act as a surprise blocker when an opposing unit attacks. If you have an Ambush unit that you can play then you can play it from your hand during the Block phase. Once on the battlefield it behaves in every way like a standard blocker and once the combat is over it remains on the battlefield.

The other use of Ambush is actually at the end of your opponent's turn. If you have an Ambush card in your hand that you can play then the game pauses to give you a chance to do so. Why would you do this? One reason would be as a surprise attack: you get to play the Ambush card at the end of the opponent's turn then whatever cards you would normally play on your turn. You're effectively using the Ambush skill to 'save' some of your Power over to the next turn.

Note that you can only play a card with Ambush if you have enough Power and Influence - so you might want to hold some back and not spend it all.

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This page written for Eternal version 1.17, Card Set 1