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Arcane Might

Arcane Might is a Gauntlet Deck from the the PvE Gauntlet mode of the Eternal card game. It's based around cards from the Primal and Time factions, a faction combo known as Elysian.

Card List

The cards listed below all for part of the Arcane Might deck; only card names are given, not counts, and Power cards have been omitted. I'm not claiming that this is a full deck listing, it just contains the cards that I've met so far whilst playing against it.

Card Name Card Type Power Cost
Common Cards
Archive Curator Unit 4
Bold Adventurer Unit 2
Cirso's Meddling Fast Spell 6
Cloudsnake Hatchling Unit 1
Cobalt Acolyte Unit 3
Excavation Assistant Unit 1
Foothills Alpha Unit 3
Horned Vorlunk Unit 4
Humbug Unit 1
Icebow Weapon 3
Oasis Sanctuary Spell 3
Seek Power Spell 1
Trailblaze Fast Spell 2
Wisdom Of The Elders Fast Spell 3
Uncommon Cards
Cliffside Porter Unit 1
Dune Phantom Unit 3
Oasis Seeker Unit 2
Polymorph Spell 3
Praxis Displacer Unit 4
Storm Lynx Unit 2
Swindle Spell 5
Unlock Potential Spell 3
Rare Cards
Legendary Cards

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