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Arcanum Monitor
Rare Unit
Fire x 2 + Time x 2

Cost:    5
Attack:  1
Health:  1
Skills:  Overwhelm

+1/+1 for each of your other units. Your other units have +1/+1.

Arcanum Monitor

Arcanum Monitor is a rare unit card from the Eternal card game. It has joint allegiance with the Fire and Time factions.

This card was introduced in early 2017 as part of the Azindel's Ways promotion. It was the first unit from the Praxis faction combo.

What Does Arcanum Monitor Do?

Despite its low base combat attributes of 1/1 this is definitely a fighting card. However it's very much designed for strength in numbers decks.

Whilst this card is in play it gives a small buff (+1/+1) to every other unit you have on the battlefield. Perhaps more importantly it gains a +1/+1 buff itself for every other unit you have. Combined with its Overwhelm skill this can make it a decent fighter.

This card would seem perfectly suited for playing alongside an army of cheap cannon fodder units or tokens such as Grenadin - especially if you can get more than one Arcanum Monitor in play at the same time. If, for example, you had three Grenadin and two Arcanum Monitors in play then each Grenadin would be 3/3 and each Monitor 5/5, the latter also having Overwhelm. Add an Infinite Hourglass and you have a scary army!

This page written for Eternal version 1.19, Card Set 1    Last updated: 31-03-2017