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What Is Armour?

Armour in the Eternal card game is a form of protection that can be applied to your main character only. Units on the battlefield can not gain armour.

Armour is represented in the gain by a number and a pink/purple shield.

How To Get Armour

The usual way to gain armour is to play a Relic weapon on your character. These weapons usually come equipped with a certain amount of armour. For example Runic Revolver has +2 armour, Oblivion Spike has +5.

There are also certain other cards that give your character armour, for example Reinforce and Longhorn Sergeant.

What Does Armour Do?

Armour protects your character from damage. Any damage goes instead to the armour first before being taken off your health.

So what's the point? Why not just increase your health directly? Because armour also has another very important function: when you lose all your armour points, you lose your relic weapon. So once you've played a great relic weapon like Starsteel Daisho you'll need to protect it from attack and/or boost your armour or it won't last long.

Note that this only applies to relic weapons. Other relics such as Crown Of Possibilities don't have an armour rating and so cannot be lost this way.

This page written for Eternal version 1.17, Card Set 1    Last updated: 22-02-2017