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Azindel, The Wayfinder
Rare Unit
Time x 2 + Shadow x 2

Cost:    4
Attack:  0
Health:  5

+1 Maximum Power. When another unit enters a void, increase this ability by 1.

Azindel, The Wayfinder

Azindel, The Wayfinder is a rare unit card from the Eternal card game. It has joint allegiance with the Time and Shadow factions.

This card was introduced in early 2017 as part of the Azindel's Ways promotion. It was the first unit from the Xenan faction combo.

What Does Azindel, The Wayfinder Do?

When this card is in play it increases your maximum power available to spend each turn. The base increase is 1 power, however this ability is boosted whenever units enter the void. Note the careful wording on the card: only units boost the ability, not attachments and they only have to enter a void, so killing enemy units also boosts Azindel's buff.

An increased maximum power allows you to play more and/or more powerful cards each turn. It can be particularly useful if you have Powersurge cards such as Copper Conduit.

The combination of Azindel, The Wayfinder with Flame Blast would potentially be an instant game winner, which is probably why this card doesn't have Flame allegiance. That combo would require a three faction deck which is possible but tricky to pull off.

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