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Azindel's Ways

"Great forces are at work — The Eternal Throne is vacant, and the future of the Resistance is uncertain. Vara, the lawful heir to the Throne, remains missing in the Shadowlands. And rumors have begun to reach Argenport of new actors from distant lands attempting to make their influence known."

What Is Azindel's Ways?

Azindel's Ways is a set of three promo cards for Eternal that continue the lore from Vara's Journey. The promo has now finished and the cards can be able to crafted as usual using Shiftstone.

One interesting feature of the new cards is that they represent new faction combos. This means that they are the first units for Hooru (Justice/Primal), Praxis (Fire/Time) and Xenan (Time/Shadow) combos.

The Cards

These are the three new cards available in the Azindel's Ways bundle:

Azindel, The Wayfinder "Deep in the Shadowlands, Azindel leads Vara far from home — and perhaps toward her destiny. He knows many paths through the endless wastes, though the way back can be difficult to remember."
Rilgon, Hooru Operative "Rilgon draws upon the wisdom of the Hooru to anticipate and adapt to the tactics of his enemies. He ranges far from his forest home to confront threats revealed by the enigmatic owls."
Arcanum Monitor "The mages of the Praxis Arcanum report a breakthrough in their efforts to understand the ancient Sentinels: this one seems to have taken a liking to the initiates. Further testing — and stronger chains — are required."

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