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Eternal Champions

There are currently (set one) five unit cards in the Eternal card game which are called Champions.

What Are Champions?

Champions are multi-faction units. The distinguishing feature of a Champion is that it has two self-buffs, one for each faction to which it has allegiance.

What Do Champions Do?

Champions buff themselves, but the bonus you get depends on your influence level in each of the card's factions. Currently these buffs are 'all or nothing'.

For example the Champion Of Progress has +6/+6 if you have six or more Time influence, as well as +6/+6 if you have six or more Justice influence. So if you have six of each it gets a massive +12/+12. If you have six of one influence and five of the other you get +6/+6. But if you have five Time and five Justice it gets nothing.

Similarly the popular Champion Of Chaos ('ChaCha') gets +1 and Overwhelm if you have at least three Fire influence and it also gets +1 and Deadly if you have three or more Shadow influence. So three of each influence gets you +2/+2 plus Overwhelm plus Deadly whilst two of each influence gets you nothing.

List Of Champions

The table below lists the Champion cards in card set one:

Name Rarity Factions
Champion Of Chaos Rare Fire + Shadow
Champion Of Cunning Rare Primal + Shadow
Champion Of Glory Rare Fire + Justice
Champion Of Progress Rare Time+ Justice
Champion Of Wisdom Rare Time + Primal

By my reckoning there are ten possible dual-faction combinations, so we could have another five Champions to come in future sets.

This page written for Eternal version 1.18, Card Set 1    Last updated: 9-03-2017