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Battle Skill
One Shot Effect

"Can attack the turn it is played."

Charge is one of the Skills in the Eternal card game. It's officially classed as a Battle Skill, however it's only effective on the turn the card is played. Charge is mainly associated with the Fire faction which has a large number of cards possessing this skill.

What Does Charge Do?

As with many games, units in Eternal can't usually attack the turn they're played. Instead they have to wait until the turn after (though they can still block - they're not Exhausted).

Units with Charge can attack the turn they're played, apart from that they're exactly the same as ordinary units. If the player chooses not to attack that turn, the Charge skill is effectively wasted.

Units with Charge units are good for surprise attacks and for building a rush based deck.

   Last updated: 18-02-2017
This page written for Eternal version 1.15, Card Set 1