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Eternal Game Chests

Chests are one of the main ways players obtain rewards in the Eternal card game. There are various different types of chests which have different rewards and can be obtained in different ways.

Note that the details of the chests - in particular the rewards they give - seems to be tweaked quite frequently, so the information on this page might have changed.

Types of Chest

So what are the different types of Eternal chest? Currently there are four levels of 'ordinary' chest: bronze, silver, gold and diamond each with more valuable contents that the previous type. If you win a bronze, silver or gold chest then it has a 10% chance of levelling up to the next type.

There are also special 'rank up' chests that are obtained through success in Forge and Gauntlet game modes. These chests don't level up.

How To Get Chests

The main way to get chests in Eternal is to win games. In Ranked mode you get a chest for every win in a cycle of three: bronze, bronze, silver, bronze, bronze, silver... etc.

You also gain chests in chests in Gauntlet, Forge and Draft modes with the number and type of chests determined according to how many games you win in the run.

There also chests awarded for succeeding in certain daily quests.

Chest Rewards

The big question: what's in them? Chests usually contain gold and either single cards or booster packs. The amount of gold varies slightly at random.

The table below lists the current reward structure for the various chests. The figure given for gold is an average, the actual amount will vary.

List Of Chest Rewards

Chest Type Gold Cards
Bronze 50 1 Common Card
Silver 200 1 Uncommon Card
Gold 500 1 Booster Pack
Diamond 2000 1 Booster Pack +
1 Premium Card
Rank Up (Gauntlet) 250 1 Booster Pack
Rank Up (Forge) 1000 2 Booster Packs

Note that the packs you get in chests are only from The Empty Throne. There's no way to get Omens of the Past packs through chests, however the single card rewards can come from either card set.

This page written for Eternal version 1.22, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 22-07-2017