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Crown Of Possibilities


Crown Of Possibilities
Legendary Relic
Time x 1, Primal x 1

Cost:    3

Units you draw gain a random skill.

Crown Of Possibilities is a legendary Relic card from the Eternal card game. It belongs to the Time and Primal factions.

What Does Crown of Possibilities Do?

Crown of Possibilities is a Relic card which means it's played on your main character. Once it's in play, every unit you draw from there on (not ones already in your hand) randomly gain an skill. This can be any skill, not necessarily a battle skill. From the wording on the card it's not clear whether or not this is guaranteed to be a skill they don't already have - from my experience that seems to be the case.

Clearly the value of this card depends on your relationship with the RNG. The skill your unit gets might be useless or might synergise extremely well with abilities the unit already has.

Where Crown of Possibilities becomes really powerful is if you have more than one in play at the same time. Each unit now gains two skills when drawn. The chance of a dud skill is reduced and you have the chance of giving a really powerful pairing like Double Damage and Unblockable to a brawler with high attack strength.

Once you get to three copies of this card in play, things just get silly.

My personal opinion is that stacking makes this card way overpowered. So how to fix it? One way might be to increase its Power cost to 5, but that would simply delay the silliness. Better would be to restrict it so that its power doesn't stack. Then you can still play two of them in case one gets destroyed by something like Ruin, but units only get one bonus skill.

This page written for Eternal version 1.19, Card Set 1    Last updated: 9-07-2017