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Battle Skill
Ongoing Effect

"Kills any unit it damages."

Deadly is one of the Skills in Eternal. It's an ongoing Battle Skill.

Units with the Deadly skill are shown with a green skull in the icon slot. They also have an animation of a rather unpleasant looking green ooze dripping from the unit's damage value.

The Deadly skill is found almost exclusively on units belonging to the Shadow faction, however Time also has a couple.

What Does Deadly Do?

If a unit with Deadly enters combat with any other unit then if it causes damage the other unit dies and is sent to the Void. So in effect a Deadly unit kills any other unit it fights against unless that unit has a way to avoid damage. Even a puny 1/1 Deadly unit such as a Direfang Spider can bring down a colossus like Frontline Cyclops in one round.

Note that an Aegis does not protect against the effect of a Deadly opponent.

If a unit has both Deadly and Overwhelm skills then it uses one point of damage to kill each blocker then the rest of the of its attack value goes through to the enemy character.

Deadly does not work on the enemy character, if it did it would be ridiculously overpowered. However the Shadow faction has a Legendary Relic Weapon which makes your attacks deadly to the other player character - ouch!


The best way to deal with Deadly units is with a spell. Try not to fight them, at least not with a card you want to keep. You're usually better off letting them get through until you can put out a low value blocker that you can afford to lose whilst killing the Deadly off.

From the other side, playing a Deadly card is a very powerful threat. If it has a low attack value then you're probably better off not attacking with it. Keep it in reserve as a threat; your opponent will think twice about attacking with valuable units if you have a Deadly that can block and kill them.

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This page written for Eternal version 1.15, Card Set 1