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Sometimes in Eternal your Power cards can be depleted. It's not obvious what this means - well, it wasn't obvious to me when I started playing the game!

What Does Depleted Mean?

If a Power card is Depleted it simply means that you can't use the extra power on the turn that you play the card.

Normally if you play a power card three things happen: You gain one extra power to use this turn, you gain one extra maximum power, you gain any additional influence from the card. If the card is depleted then you still get the extra maximum power and any influence but not the point of power on this turn.

Common examples of cards which might be depleted when played are Monuments, Seats/Seals and Banners.

There are also ways of getting standard power sigils that are depleted. For example Forgotten Find allows you to play two power cards from your Void in depleted state. So your maximum power will go up by two ready for next turn, but you won't get any extra power this turn (if you did, Forgotten Find would pay for itself!).

This page written for Eternal version 1.22, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 8-08-2017