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Non Battle Skills
One Shot Effect

"Automatically play when drawn, then draw another card."

Destiny is a Skill in the Eternal CCG.

What Does Destiny Do?

When a card with the Destiny skill is drawn from the deck it is automatically played. The player then draws another card.

Note that there is no Power cost when a card with Destiny autoplays itself - it's a free card.

What if a card with Destiny cannot legally be played? For example a spell for which there is no valid target? In that case it's discarded and another card drawn. The replacement card does not automatically get Destiny.

As of card set 1 there are no cards that possess the Destiny skill naturally. However the Time faction has two cards that can give Destiny to other cards: Talir, Who Sees Beyond and Vodakhan, Temple Speaker. In addition the Primal faction's Rain Of Frogs Spell turns enemy units into frogs with Destiny.

Of course autoplaying a card isn't always a good thing: Light The Fuse creates five Firebombs with Destiny in your opponent's deck!

This page written for Eternal version 1.22, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 14-07-2017