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Distant Lands

The mountainous reaches of the Skycrag range are home to ferocious dragons, wild yeti, and towering jotun. But the Alpine Tracker hunts them all.

Meanwhile, Argenport suffers in the aftermath of Rolant's harsh rule, and paladins' old oaths lack the weight they formerly carried.

What Is Distant Lands?

Distant Lands is a set of two Eternal promo cards released in May 2017 as part of patch 1.20. rough booster packs or crafting. The two cards represent new and as yet unnamed faction combos: Fire+Primal and Justice+Shadow.

How To Get The Cards

During the promo period (which lasts about two weeks) you can gain one copy of both cards per day for your first PvP win of the day. You can only earn four copies - which makes sense as you're only allowed four copies of any card in your deck.

Once the promotion period ends you'll be able to get the cards by crafting them using Shiftstone.

List Of Cards

The table below lists the two cards that form the Distant Lands promo set:

Name Faction Power Cost Skills Text
Alpine Tracker Fire + Primal 4 Charge Summon: Deal 1 damage to each other unit and each player.
Oathbreaker Justice + Shadow 5 Lifesteal When Oathbreaker attacks, your units with Lifesteal get +1/+1.

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