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Eilyn, Queen Of The Wilds
Legendary Unit
Primal x 3

Cost:    8
Attack:  6
Health:  6
Skills:  Flying

After you play a Primal spell, play an additional random Primal spell from your deck.

Eilyn, Queen Of The Wilds

Eilyn, Queen Of The Wilds is a legendary unit card from the Eternal card game. It belongs to the Primal faction.

What Does Eilyn, Queen Of The Wilds Do?

Eilyn has combat skills of 6/6 together with the Flying skill, which makes her quite a useful fighter.

She also has an interesting special ability: when she is on the battlefield, every time you play a Primal spell you get to play another one for free from your deck. That sounds like a very powerful ability, especially for a deck build based on spells.

Unfortunately there's a catch: you don't get to choose the spell you play, it's picked at random. And you don't choose whether or not to play it, it just gets played. That can be a real pain - you might waste a spell you'd rather keep for later or, worse, might be forced to play a spell that actually makes your situation worse.

This card would probably be overpowered if you got to choose a spell from your deck, however playing another from your hand for free would be reasonable. As it stands Eilyn is of doubtful value. Basically you'll be praying to the RNG that she picks the spell you want from your deck.

All together now: "Come on Eilyn..."

This page written for Eternal version 1.20, Card Set 1    Last updated: 5-06-2017