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Non Battle Skill
Ongoing Effect
Text Skills

"Does something when you play a Power card."

Empower is a unit skill in the Eternal card game. It triggers during your card play phases rather than during battle.

Units with the Reckless skill don't have a special icon.

The Empower skill is mainly associated with the Justice faction, however it is also possessed by a few Time units.

What Does Empower Do?

Empower is a text skill, meaning that it can do anything depending on what it says on the card. The important point is that the effect only triggers when you play a Power card.

Since you can normally only play one Power card per turn, this skill is usually restricted to one use per turn. However there are ways of getting to play more than one, for example Combrei Emisary or Vodakhan, Temple Speaker. These make good combos with Empower cards.

Marshal Ironthorn is a special case. According to the text, its Empower skill is that whenever you play a Power card you play another copy of that card. Which should really trigger the Empower effect again, and so on ad infinitum! Clearly that would be ridiculous and Ironthorn's Empower skill does not retrigger itself.

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This page written for Eternal version 1.19, Card Set 1