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"Does something when it is killed."

Entomb is a unit Skill in Eternal. Although it triggers during battle it's officially called as a Non Battle Skill rather than a Battle Skill. This skill is mainly associated with the Fire and Shadow factions.

There's no icon for Entomb.

What Does Entomb Do?

The Entomb skill fires when a unit is killed. At that point 'something' happens. This 'something' depends on the unit and can be as simple as 'Draw a card' (Dark Wisp) or as powerful as 'Kill all enemy units' (Venomspine Hydra).

Attachments such as Weapons can have Entomb as well as units. For example Steelfang Chakram automatically returns to your hand when the unit it's equipped on dies.

It doesn't matter how the unit dies, so sacrificing it will trigger the Entomb effect. However if a card is discarded the skill does not trigger; for example you can use Sabotage and force your opponent to discard that annoying STeelfang Chakram without it bouncing straight back from the Void!

To avoid a dangerous Entomb effect triggering, don't kill the unit - allow it to attack without blocking or use a low power blocker that won't kill it. If the Entomb unit is too powerful to let it keep attacking then either Silence it before you kill it or disable it using a card such as Permafrost.

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This page written for Eternal version 1.21, Card Set 1