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The Fire Faction

Fire is the faction of creation and destruction; most problems can be handled with quick and violent solutions.

Fire is one of the five Factions in the Eternal card game. It's symbolised by a weapon - some form of mace, hammer or axe - on a red background.

Fire Deck Strategy

Fire is essentially a fast aggro faction. It has a lot of cheap fighters as well as many cards with the Charge skill. So it's very good for getting lots of units onto the battlefield and doing damage quickly before your opponent has ramped up their power curve.

Later in the game, Fire also has a significant number of cards with Warcry to help bolster the attack power of your units. Buff cards such as Rally and General Izalio push things even further.

An alternative to the rush strategy is to get a large number of low power units on to the battlefield - possibly Grenadin created by Grenadin Drone or Assembly Line and avoid combat until you can buff them all up and attack together. Or use the cheap units as throw-away blockers and go for direct attack and burn your opponent with cards like Flame Blast.

If your opponent has powerful blockers then the Fire faction also has a lot of direct damage spells which can be used against enemy units and/or your opponent's character. Examples include Torch, Burn Out and Flash Fire.

When not used as a primary faction, Fire can be useful as secondary cards to give early game options to a slower faction.

Legendary Fire Cards

As of card set one there are six pure Fire legendaries plus another five which have shared allegiance with Justice and five which have shared allegiance with Shadow. Here's the card list:

List Of Fire Legendaries

Faction Power Name
Fire 1 Light The Fuse
Fire 5 Shogun Of The Wastes
Fire 5 Soulfire Drake
Fire 6 Bad News
Fire 6 Flamestoker
Fire 7 Claw Of The First Dragon
Fire 8 Kaleb, Uncrowned Prince
Fire 9 Lavablood Goliath
Fire 9 Sindok, Rage Incarnate
Fire + Justice 3 Ijin, Imperial Armorer
Fire + Justice 4 Navani, Warsinger
Fire + Justice 5 Deepforged Plate
Fire + Justice 6 Jekk, The Bounty Hunter
Fire + Justice 6 Starsteel Daisho
Fire + Justice 7 Icaria, The Liberator
Fire + Primal 3 Vadius, Clan Father
Fire + Primal 7 Knucklebones
Fire + Primal 8 Molot & Nakova
Fire + Shadow 4 Bandit Queen
Fire + Shadow 4 Statuary Maiden
Fire + Shadow 5 Scraptank
Fire + Shadow 7 Stonescar Leviathan
Fire + Shadow 7 Voprex, The Great Ruin

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