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What Is The Gauntlet?

Gauntlet is one of the game modes in Eternal card game. It's a single player (PvE) survival mode which can be a good way to practice and to try out new deck builds. You can also win some nice prizes in the form of reward chests. Playing the Gauntlet is currently free, making it a good way to grind and farm rewards.

Each Gauntlet run consists of seven matches against a series of AI opponents using pre-made decks. You keep playing until you either win all seven matches or lose a single one. Once the run is over, if you won at least two matches then you receive prizes (see table below).

The final match of each run is against a boss. For this match special rules apply: for example: "Xenan Power: Players start with +3 maximum power". Note that these rules apply to both players.

One of the nice things about Gauntlet mode is that it keeps tracks of your wins and losses and updates the difficulty of the AI opponents accordingly. If you beat the end-of-gauntlet big boss then you get an upgrade to your Gauntlet rank (although at the moment this doesn't seem to be displayed on your profile screen).

The AI Gauntlet Decks were significantly updated following the release of card set two, Omens Of The Past.

List Of Gauntlet Rewards

Number of Wins Total Reward
1 Nothing
2 1 Bronze Chest
3 2 Bronze Chests
4 3 Bronze Chests
5 2 Bronze Chests, 1 Silver Chest
6 1 Bronze Chest, 2 Silver Chests
7 2 Silver Chests, 1 Rank Up Chest

If you're planning on doing some serious Gauntlet farming then the individual cards from the chests are probably less useful than the gold which you can use to buy whole packs.

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This page written for Eternal version 1.22, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 29-07-2017