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|[[The Best Offence]]
|[[The Best Offence]]
|Justice + Time
|Justice + Time
|[[Stronghold's Visage]] + [[Horngrinder]]
|[[The Great Armory]]
|[[The Great Armory]]

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Gauntlet Decks

What Are Gauntlet Decks?

Gauntlet Decks are the card decks controlled by the computer AI in the PvE Gauntlet game mode of Eternal. They vary in difficulty and the system selects which opponent you will face next based on how well you have been doing recently in the Gauntlet. Most gauntlet decks are themed, either by Faction or style of play.

Following the release of card set 2, Omens Of The Past, the selection of AI Gauntlet decks was significantly expanded and some of the original ones modified. The list below gives all the Gauntlet decks I'm aware of at the moment. This list is a work in progress and will be expanded as I play more Gauntlet!

List Of Gauntlet Decks

Deck Name Faction(s) Comments
Airborn Assault Justice + Primal Fliers + Windshaper
Ancient Power Justice + Time
Apex Predators Shadow + Time
Arcane Might Primal + Time Cheap units + Unlock Potential
Arcanum Army Fire + Time
Army Of Justice Justice
Blackhall Bullies Justice + Shadow
Blaze Of Glory Fire + Justice
Chaotic Rage Fire + Shadow
Chilling Touch Primal + Shadow
Combrei Alliance Justice + Time
Divided Loyalties Fire + Justice + Primal + Shadow + Time Rainbow
Elemental Mastery Fire + Primal
Covert Operations Primal + Shadow Infiltrate
Deep Freeze Justice + Primal
Feln Treachery Primal + Shadow
Forgemasters Fire + Justice + Time
Grenadin Revolt Fire + Shadow Grenadin - thousands of 'em
Harsh Elements Fire + Primal
Heart Of The Vault Fire + Time
Kiss Of Death Justice + Shadow
Merciless Stonescar Fire + Shadow
Midnight Storm Primal + Shadow
Minions Of Shadow Shadow
None Shall Pass Justice + Shadow + Time
Oathbreakers Justice + Shadow Lifesteal
Power Of Fire Fire
Prehistoric Predators Primal + Time Dinosaurs
Primal Fury Primal
Rakano Warfare Fire + Justice
Rebel Forces Fire + Justice
Rule The Skies Primal + Time
Shields Of Order Justice + Primal Lot of units with Aegis
Skycrag Blitz Fire + Primal
Skycrag Sorcery Fire + Primal
Spark It Fire + Primal
Spells Of The Praxis Fire + Time
Strength In Numbers Fire + Time
Students Of Time Time
Tales Of Elysia Primal + Time
The Best Offence Justice + Time Stronghold's Visage + Horngrinder
The Great Armory Fire + Justice
The High Council Justice + Time
Voices Of The Void Shadow + Time Tries to bring out The Tormentor
Winds Of Destiny Primal + Time
Wings Of The Rebels Fire + Justice
Worldjoiner's Will Shadow + Time AI not good at playing Venomspine Hydra
Wump's Party Primal + Shadow Yetis + Wump, Party Starter
Xenan Devout Shadow + Time

Note that this list only covers standard Gauntlet decks, not the special Gauntlet Bosses.

This page written for Eternal version 1.22, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 8-08-2017