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Grinva, Judge Of Battles
Legendary Unit
Justice x 3 + Shadow x 3

Cost:    7
Attack:  7
Health:  9

When one of your other units is killed, Grinva deals that unit's attack in damage to the enemy player.

Grinva, Judge Of Battles

Note: The Omens Of The Past card set was released on 14th July 2017. Details on this page are based on first impressions and may need to be updated later.

Grinva is a legendary unit card from the Eternal card game. It has dual allegiance with both Justice and Shadow factions.

What Does Grinva, Judge Of Battles Do?

Grinva is an expensive card, not just in terms of power cost but also influence requirements. However it looks to be potentially very powerful.

As well as its strong base combat stats of 7/9, Grinva has a special ability that effectively gives all your other units an unblockable final strike. Whenever one of your units is killed, your opponent's character (face) takes damage equal to the unit's attack value.

Note that according to the current wording it doesn't matter how a unit is killed. So for example you might use a spell like Deathstrike on your own Venomspine Hydra to kill off all your opponent's units and do an extra 7 direct damage.

It's not yet clear what happens if Grinva is on the battlefield when a card like Harsh Rule is played. If Grinva's effect triggers in this situation then it would make a very powerful combo: playing several high attack units and Grinva then Harsh Rule could easily be a game winner.

This page written for Eternal version 1.21, Card Set 1    Last updated: 12-07-2017