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Rare Unit
Fire x 3

Cost:    4
Attack:  3
Health:  6

Spark: Double Damage
The enemy player can't gain health.


Note: The Omens Of The Past card set was released on 14th July 2017. Details on this page are based on first impressions and may need to be updated later.

Groundbreaker is a rare unit card from the Eternal card game. It belongs to the Fire faction.

What Does Groundbreaker Do?

At first glance Groundbreaker doesn't look too great: a 3/6 fighter for 4 power with triple influence required. However it's special abilities make it much more interesting.

Whilst you have this card on the battlefield, your opponent cannot gain health. That can make life a lot easier for a direct action burn deck... which is good since this is a Fire card!

Even if you're not going for direct burn, preventing your opponent from gaining health can cripple the strategy of a healing based Time deck or a Lifesteal Shadow vampire deck. It also looks like a great counter to the new Lifeforce mechanism.

If you're not up against one of those decks, Groundbreaker's other ability can make it very useful: it uses the new Spark game mechanic to potentially gain the Double Damage skill.

So if your opponent plays this card, you'll probably want to kil/Silence it as soon as possible.

This page written for Eternal version 1.21, Card Set 1    Last updated: 12-07-2017