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Haunting Scream
Uncommon Spell
Primal x 1 + Shadow x 1

Cost:    2

Play a unit costing 4 or less from the void. It gets Charge and Flying. Sacrifice it at the end of the turn.

Haunting Scream

Haunting Scream is an uncommon spell card from the Eternal card game. It has dual allegiance with the Primal and Shadow factions.

What Does Haunting Scream Do?

Haunting Scream allows you to bring one of your small units back from the dead. When you play it you get to choose a unit from your void with a power cost which is then returned to the battlefield.

This unit gains the Flying and Charge skills, which means that if your opponent doesn't have any units with flying it can 'go over the top' and attack this turn. Then at the end of the turn it is 'sacrificed' - it returns to your void.

This makes for a good surprise attack, bit with the choice of unit limited by a power cost of 4 it isn't likely to do much damage. So what's the point? Why would you use this card?

One reason is if the card you bring back has a useful infiltrate ability - for example Direwood Beastcaller that plays two 5/5 beasts. So a successful attack (which is likely if there are no flying blockers) will trigger it. Since Infiltrate is refreshed by leaving play and coming back, you get the benefit even if the unit has already used its infiltrate. Similar logi also applies to units with an Entomb skill.

Than if you have another Haunting Scream in your hand you can do it again next turn - loadsa beasts!

This page written for Eternal version 1.19, Card Set 1    Last updated: 22-04-2017