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IconInfiltrate.jpg Infiltrate
Non Battle Skills
One Shot Effect
Text Skills

"This does something the first time it hits the enemy player."

Infiltrate is a unit Skills in Eternal. Although it triggers during battle it's officially called as a Non Battle Skill rather than a Battle Skill. This skill is possessed by units from the Primal and Shadow factions.

When a unit has an Infiltrate effect that hasn't been triggered it's shown on the battlefield with an animated overlay which looks like a curly arrow.

What Does Infiltrate Do?

The Infiltrate skill fires the first time this unit does damage the enemy's main character (the 'face'). It does not fire when attacking units on the battlefield.

Note that it doesn't matter how the unit with Infiltrate does damage to the opponent's character; it doesn't have to happen during a standard attack phase. So this ability will fire as a result of playing a card such as Calderan Gunsmith.

When this unit hits the enemy character something happens as specified in the card text. This can be anything. Examples range from "Draw a card" (Yeti Spy) to "Play five random units from the enemy void" (Argenport Ringmaster).

Infiltrate is normally a one-time effect, however as with other one shot effects it is reset if the unit goes to the Void/back to your hand then returns to play.

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This page written for Eternal version 1.18, Card Set 1