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The Justice Faction

Justice is the faction of order, both in civic harmony and brutal tyranny.

Justice is one of the five Factions in the Eternal card game. It's symbolised by a weapon pair of wings on a green background.

Justice Deck Strategy

Justice is a combat oriented faction. However unlike Fire it's more suited to the long game than to the quick rush.

A particular feature of the Justice army is the number of units it has with the Warcry skill. If these are allowed to stay on the battlefield long they can really buff up the other units. Many of the Justice units have Flying so this can make for a really powerful army.

Justice also has a couple of really string cards that can act as game finishers, including Augmented Form (which gives a single unit a +6/+6 buff) and Rolant, The Iron Fist who has killed me more than once!

For me the best feature of Justice is that it features what is currently the only board wipe card in the game: Harsh Rule

Legendary Justice Cards

As of card set two there are nine pure Justice legendaries plus others which have shared faction. Here's the curent card list:

List Of Justice Legendaries

Faction Power Name
Justice 4 Treasury Gate
Justice 5 Marshal Ironthorn
Justice 6 Augmented Form
Justice 6 Plated Demolisher
Justice 6 Rolant's Fist
Justice 7 Leave A Witness
Justice 8 Elias, The Broken Wing
Justice 8 Rolant, The Iron Fist
Justice 8 Sword Of The Sky King
Justice + Fire 3 Ijin, Imperial Armorer
Justice + Fire 4 Navani, Warsinger
Justice + Fire 5 Deepforged Plate
Justice + Fire 6 Jekk, The Bounty Hunter
Justice + Fire 6 Starsteel Daisho
Justice + Fire 7 Icaria, The Liberator
Justice + Primal 2 Kothon, The Far-Watcher
Justice + Primal 6 Nostrix, Lord Of Visions
Justice + Primal 12 Aid Of The Hooru
Justice + Shadow 3 Bartholo, The Seducer
Justice + Shadow 5 Inquisitor Makto
Justice + Shadow 7 Grinva, Judge Of Battles
Justice + Time 3 Knight-Chancellor Siraf
Justice + Time 4 The Great Parliament
Justice + Time 5 Reality Warden
Justice + Time 7 Vodakhan, Temple Speaker
Justice + Time 10 A New Tomorrow
Fire + Primal +

Justice + Shadow + Time

8 Nictotraxian

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