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Kaleb's Favor
Common Spell
Justice x 1

Cost:    2

Deal damage to the enemy player. Draw a Primal Sigil from your deck.

Kaleb's Favor

Kaleb's Favor is a Common spell card from the Eternal card game. This card is the Favor spell for the Fire faction.

What Does Kaleb's Favor Do?

When you play this card you immediately draw a Fire Sigil from your deck. If your deck has no Fire sigils left then you get nothing.

When you play this card you also immediately do 2 points of direct damage to the enemy character. If the target is protected by an Aegis then they suffer no damage, however the Aegis is removed. So this is a cheap wat to get rid of an Aegis and open the enemy up to a more powerful attack such as Flame Blast.

Note that the damage from this card can only be used against the enemy character, it can't be targeted to a unit.

This page written for Eternal version 1.23, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 18-08-2017