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Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the big advantages of playing a game on a PC or Mac rather than a tablet is that you have a real keyboard. Eternal has implemented a number of keyboard shortcuts to take advantage of this.

Unfortunately there don't seem to be many of these hotkeys. As of 1.15 here are the ones I've found:

  • a - Selects all units for attack. All units can be deselected by pressing 'a' again
  • r - Same as pressing the Rewind button
  • space - Same as pressing the main button at the bottom of the screen, so activates Block, End Turn, etc
  • esc - Brings up the system menu, same as pressing the gear icon

Personally I'd like to see plenty more, in particular for selecting and playing cards.

Turning Off Shortcuts

As of version 1.16 you can remap the default shortcuts to other keys in the Settings menu. But what if you don't like keyboard shortcuts and want to turn them off completely? Perhaps you have cats that keep walking over the keyboard. How do you disable them? (The shortcuts, not the cats)

All you need to do is go to the system menu (gear icon), there's an option in that under Gameplay to Disable Hot Keys.

   Last updated: 6-03-2017
This page written for Eternal version 1.17, Card Set 1