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Legendary Cards

Legendary cards are the rarest cards in Eternal. The drop rates in booster packs are very low and they cost a lot of Shiftstone to craft. Legendary cards are indicated with a decoration at the top which looks to me like white bone or marble.

As you'd expect, legendaries are very powerful and usually have very special effects which can often be game winners. However they usually have high cost in terms of power and/or influence, so actually getting them into play can be difficult. Decks are often crafted around a particular legendary, its requirements and what it can do.

The table below lists the legendaries available as of card set one, sorted by faction and power cost. Each faction currently has six 'pure' legendaries then there are others with combined faction allegiance:

Legendary Tier List

Faction Power Name
Fire 1 Light The Fuse
Fire 5 Shogun Of The Wastes
Fire 5 Soulfire Drake
Fire 7 Claw Of The First Dragon
Fire 8 Kaleb, Uncrowned Prince
Fire 9 Lavablood Goliath
Time 5 Sandstorm
Time 5 Idol Of Destran
Time 6 Mystic Ascendant
Time 7 Ancient Terrazon
Time 8 Marisen The Eldest
Time 8 Talir, Who Sees Beyond
Justice 4 Treasury Gate
Justice 5 Marshal Ironthorn
Justice 6 Augmented Form
Justice 8 Plated Demolisher
Justice 8 Rolant, The Iron Fist
Justice 8 Sword Of The Sky King
Primal 4 Magus Of The Mist
Primal 6 Jarrall Iceheart
Primal 7 Rimescale Draconus
Primal 7 Strength Of The Pack
Primal 7 Eilyn, Queen Of The Wilds
Primal 10 Scourge Of Frosthome
Shadow 6 Whispers In The Void
Shadow 5 Shadowlands Feaster
Shadow 7 Venomspine Hydra
Shadow 8 Touch Of The Umbren
Shadow 8 Vara, Fate Touched
Shadow 9 The Last Word
Shadow 24 (!) The Witching Hour
Fire + Justice 3 Ijin, Imperial Armorer
Fire + Justice 4 Navani, Warsinger
Fire + Justice 5 Deepforged Plate
Fire + Justice 6 Jekk, The Bounty Hunter
Fire + Justice 6 Starsteel Daisho
Fire + Justice 7 Icaria, The Liberator
Time + Justice 3 Knight-Chancellor Siraf
Time + Justice 4 The Great Parliament
Time + Justice 5 Reality Warden
Time + Justice 7 Vodakhan, Temple Speaker
Time + Justice 10 A New Tomorrow
Time + Justice 4 The Great Parliament
Time + Primal 1 Call The Ancients
Time + Primal 3 Crown Of Possibilities
Time + Primal 5 Cirso, The Great Glutton
Time + Primal 7 Curiox, The Collector
Time + Primal 8 Shimmerpack
Primal + Shadow 3 Feln Cauldron
Primal + Shadow 3 Midnight Gale
Primal + Shadow 6 Black-Sky Harbinger
Primal + Shadow 7 Nightmaw, Sight Unseen
Primal + Shadow 8 Snowcrush Animist
Fire + Shadow 4 Bandit Queen
Fire + Shadow 4 Statuary Maiden
Fire + Shadow 5 Scraptank
Fire + Shadow 7 Stonescar Leviathan
Fire + Shadow 7 Voprex, The Great Ruin
All factions 7 Nictotraxian

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This page written for Eternal version 1.21, Card Set 1