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List Of Relic Weapons

This table shows Relic Weapons sorted by faction as of card set one. Note that Relics provide a shield value rather than a health buff; so "+3/+2" means a 3 power attack and 2 shield. When your character loses all its shield your Relic Weapon goes into the void, so you'll need to think about defence as well as attack when playing one.

As with unit weapons, a character can wield any number of Relics at one time.

Note that if a relic weapon has a Battle Skill then this applies to all damage done by your main character, even spells. So if your character is wielding a Sword Of Icaria then all your spells have Warcry!

Faction Name Rarity Power Cost Buff Battle Skills Text
Fire Charchain Flail Rare X 0/+1 Powersurge. Summon: attack gain equal to your power spent
Fire Magma Javelin Common 4 +4/+1
Fire Stonescar Maul Uncommon 6 +6/+3 Overwhelm
Fire Claw Of The First Dragon Legendary 7 +4/+4 Entomb: Play four random 1-cost units
Justice Auric Runehammer Rare 4 +4/+1 Summon: You are invulnerable to damage this turn
Justice Treasury Gate Legendary 4 -/- The first time you play a relic weapon each turn, play a Minotaur with the same attack/health and battle skills
Justice Mithril Mace Common 5 +3/+4
Justice Ceremonial Mask Uncommon 6 +4/+4 Summon: Give one of your units +4/+4 this turn
Justice Sword Of The Sky King Legendary 8 +8/+8
Primal Staff Of Stories Rare 5 0/+5 At the start of your turn, draw a card
Shadow Lifedrinker Uncommon 3 +2/+2 Summon: You get Lifesteal this turn
Shadow Oblivion Spike Uncommon 3 +2/+2
1 attack for each of your units in the void
Shadow The Last Word Legendary 9 +1/+1 Deadly, Quickdraw Ultimate: Pay 9 to make The Last Word's attacks deadly to players
Fire + Justice Uncommon Sword Of Icaria 3 +3/+2 Warcry
Fire + Justice Starsteel Daisho Legendary 6 +4/+4 Your avatar can attack twice each turn
Fire + Shadow Bloodrite Kalis Rare 3 +0/+0 Summon: Sacrifice all of your units. Bloodrite Kalis gets +2/+2 for each unit sacrificed.
Fire + Shadow Runic Revolver Uncommon 5 +2/+2 Quickdraw Summon: Deal 2 damage to the enemy player

See also: List Of Unit Weapons

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