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Eternal Lore

On this page I'll collect together all the official Eternal game lore I've discovered in one big list. If the list gets too long I might end up splitting it over more than one page.

Lore A-Z

  • Arcanum Monitor
    "The mages of the Praxis Arcanum report a breakthrough in their efforts to understand the ancient Sentinels: this one seems to have taken a liking to the initiates. Further testing — and stronger chains — are required."
  • Auric Minotaurs
    "The Auric Minotaurs possess vast wealth, and have become a powerful force in Argenport politics."
  • Azindel, The Wayfinder
    "Deep in the Shadowlands, Azindel leads Vara far from home — and perhaps toward her destiny. He knows many paths through the endless wastes, though the way back can be difficult to remember."
  • Bartholo
    "Bartholo's roses have thorns..."
  • Borderlands Waykeeper
    "The borders of the Shadowlands are wild places, and those who know their secret ways achieve great power."
  • Cabal
    "The Cabal is mostly made up of thieves and criminals, but its mysterious leaders seem to have a more complex and sinister agenda..."
  • Combrei
    "Combrei is a center of study, where mystics and artificers all seek perfection in their own ways."
  • Eilyn
    "Eilyn is a powerful shaman of the barbarian tribes who nearly destroyed Argenport before a truce was reached."
  • Elysians
    "The Elysians are a group of explorers and adventures who brave the harshest regions in the world."
  • Feln
    "The Feln are an outcast coven of shamans who use blood magic forbidden by the other tribes."
  • Fevered Scout
    "Prolonged exposure to the Shadowlands can have dramatic effects."
  • Find The Way
    "In the Shadowlands, choosing the right path is the key to survival."
  • Fire
    "Fire is the faction of creation and destruction; most problems can be handled with quick and violent solutions."
  • Grenadin
    "Grenadin were created for mining, but prolonged exposure to shiftstone has given them odd habits, and even some degree of sentience."
  • The Heart Of The Vault
    "The Heart of the Vault is an ancient sentinel buried beneath the Praxis Arcanum, and a powerful source of magical energy."
  • Hooru
    "The Hooru are a reclusive society ruled by the great owls, ancient sages of great wisdom and power."
  • Icaria
    "Icaria was the first Valkyrie, but turned against Rolant and now leads the rebellion."
  • Inquisition
    "Rolant founded the Inquisition to suppress knowledge of his role in the devastation of Argenport."
  • Justice
    "Justice is the faction of order, both in civic harmony and brutal tyranny."
  • Kaleb
    "Kaleb is a headstrong warrior with little interest in politics, whose unknown parentage has revoked his claim to the throne."
  • Lethrai Elves
    "The Lethrai Elves are vicious warriors who control the Direwood and its beasts."
  • Praxis Arcanum
    "The Praxis Arcanum are a collective of mages who seek power by unlocking the secrets of the universe."
  • Primal
    "Primal is the faction of nature in both its savage fury and pristine beauty."
  • Rakano
    "Rakano is a settlement near the edge of Crownwatch territory that has become a center of conflict with the Freed rebels."
  • Rilgon, Hooru Operative
    "Rilgon draws upon the wisdom of the Hooru to anticipate and adapt to the tactics of his enemies. He ranges far from his forest home to confront threats revealed by the enigmatic owls."
  • Rolant
    "Rolant is the Commander of the Crownwatch, and the acting Regent of Argenport in the absence of an official ruler."
  • Sentinels
    "Sentinels are ancient golems created by a long-forgotten civilization."
  • Shadow
    "Shadow is the faction of ambition and instinct; hidden paths lead to dangerous secrets."
  • Shadowlands
    "The Shadowlands are a dangerous place riddled with strange magical energies. Those who wander inside rarely make it out again. Or, at least, they rarely make it out unchanged"
  • Shiftstone
    "Shiftstone is used to fuel magic and technology in Myria."
  • Stonescar
    "The Stonescar mines are the richest source of shiftstone in the world, but dangerous creatures lurk in their depths..."
  • Strangers
    "The Strangers are a mysterious group that has recently appeared all across Myria. They possess strange skills and abilities, but their true nature remains to be seen..."
  • Talir
    "Talir is among the most gifted magic users in Myria, and the Arch Magister of the Praxis Arcanum."
  • Throne Warden
    "The Eternal Throne may stand empty, but it is far from undefended."
  • Time
    "Time is the faction of learning and discovery; knowledge is the key to true power."
  • Valkyries
    "Valkyries are Rolant's elite forces, humans augmented for flight and prowess in battle."
  • Vara
    "Vara is the favored heir to the Eternal Throne, but has grown tired of being a political pawn others use to their own ends."
  • Xenan Cultist
    "For the death cult gathering around the Xenan Obelisk, the end is only the beginning."
  • Xenan Temple
    "The Xenan Temple sits on the border of the Shadowlands, and is inhabited by the enigmatic Radiants."
  • Yeti
    "Yeti may seem playful, but their chaotic antics can be deadly to unprepared travellers."

This page written for Eternal version 1.22, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 20-07-2017