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Mithril Mace
Common Relic Weapon
Justice x 2

Cost:    5
Attack:  3
Armor:  4

Mithril Mace

Mithril Mace is a common relic weapon from the Eternal card game. It belongs to the Justice faction.

What Does Mithril Mace Do?

This is a relic weapon, meaning that it's played on your main character and is destroyed when you lose all your armour.

With a cost of 5 power and an influence requirement of 2, a +3/+4 relic weapon isn't particularly impressive. However it can work well in a deck based around buffing relics and/or armour with cards like Hone, Throne Warden or Reinforce. Its armour can also be useful in helping to keep Plated Demolisher in play.

This page written for Eternal version 1.22, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 18-07-2017