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What Are Monuments?

Monuments in Eternal are classed as Power cards. However unlike sigils they don't give you power, instead they require power to become usable.

Monuments can be added to your deck in the usual way through the deckbuilder.

How To Use Monuments

At the beginning of a game, Monuments are depleted. If played they count as a single extra Power point which can't be used until the next turn. This is a waste and should only be done in an emergency.

Monuments only become effective when your total power (regardless of influence) reaches the required level specified on the card. Then the Transmute ability kicks in and every copy of the Monument - in your hand and in your deck - turns into the specified card.

Note that this transformation is automatic and does not cost you power - it only requires that your maximum power reach a certain level.However you still need to spend power to actually play the transmuted card.

So why would you use monuments? Why clutter up your deck with cards that can't initially be used? Well, when the monument does transmute the card it turns into is normally more powerful than would be expected for its cost to play. So you're exchanging the chance of playing the card early for better value later.

List Of Monuments

Currently there are five monuments in the game, one for each faction.

Name Faction Transmute Level Transmute Result
Amber Monument Fire 5 5/5 Rhinarc with Overwhelm
Amethyst Monument Shadow 5 3/3 Puma with Lifesteal
Cobalt Monument Primal 5 3/4 Stormdancer with Flying
Emerald Monument Justice 5 +3/+3 Gemblade
Granite Monument Fire 5 4/1 Magmahound with Charge

This page written for Eternal version 1.17, Card Set 1    Last updated: 21-04-2017