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Navani, Warsinger
Legendary Unit
Fire x 1 + Justice x 1

Cost:    4
Attack:  4
Health:  4
Skills:   Warcry

Navani's Warcry affects all units and weapons in your deck

Navani, Warsinger

Icaria is a legendary unit card from the Eternal card game. It has dual allegiance with both Fire and Justice factions.


Navani is used for buffing other - as yet unplayed - units through its Warcry ability. What makes Navani special is that this ability doesn't just buff the first weapon or unit in your deck but all of them. That can make it amazingly powerful, especially if you're playing an armoury style deck with plenty of weapons.

With a power cost of only 4 you can play Navani early. In general, the earlier the better so that you can maximise those buffs. If you're playing a Navani deck and don't draw this card in your opening hand you might want to consider a mulligan.

The main difficulty with Navani is that it will be an immediate lightning rod for any kill spells your opponent has, so if possible you'll want to give it an Aegis with a card like Protect. A few Backlash cards could also come in handy.

The other problem is that the Warcry ability only triggers when a card attacks. And with only 4 health it doesn't take much in the way of blockers to remove this card. So you might want to back it up with health buffs, maybe via weapons or a Refresh spell.

When things work well Navani can produce an awesomely powerful deck. But when they go wrong it can fizzle out very quickly.

This page written for Eternal version 1.19, Card Set 1    Last updated: 19-04-2017