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Legendary Unit
Fire x 1 + Time x 1 +
Justice x 1 + Primal x 1 +
Shadow x 1

Cost:    7
Attack:  8
Health:  8

Fate: Create and draw a random card.


Nictotraxian is a legendary unit card from the Eternal card game. Playing this card requires at least one Influence in all five Factions.

This card was introduced in Set 1: The Empty Throne.

What Does Nictotraxian Do?

This is a very strange card. For a start it's a fully rainbow card, requiring influence in all of the factions to play - that alone eliminates it from being included in most deck builds.

With combat skills of 8/8 and Flying this is a useful card in battle. It also has a special ability which, unusually, if a Fate skill. This means that it fires not when you play the card but when you draw it.

When you do so, a totally random card is created and added to your hand. This can be any card from the entire game! It might be a cheap, Neutral common card or a powerful Legendary. Cross your fingers and hope the RNGods are on your side.

So how can you use such a strange card? Well one way would be to add it to an already rainbow deck build such as one based around Strangers and treat it as a bonus rather than a core part of your strategy.

If you want to make Nictotraxian the centre of a deck build then you could try combining it with cards such as Dark Return, Second Sight and Twinning Ritual which allow you to effectively raw it more than once.

This page written for Eternal version 1.21, Card Set 1    Last updated: 18-06-2017