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Nightmaw, Sight Unseen
Legendary Unit
Primal x 3 + Shadow x 3

Cost:    7
Attack:  7
Health:  7

Your units are unblockable

Nightmaw, Sight Unseen

Nightmaw, Sight Unseen is a legendary unit card from the Eternal card game. It has dual allegiance with both Primal and Shadow factions.

This card was introduced in Set 1: The Empty Throne.

What Does Nightmaw, Sight Unseen Do?

Nightmaw is a good fighter with combat stats of 7/7. More importantly, whilst it's on the battlefield all of your units - including Nightmaw itself - have the Unblockable skill.

So whilst Nightmaw is in play, the only way your opponent can stop your attacks is with spells; however your units can block the opponent's attacks as normal. If you have a decent army on the field then that can be a game winner.

Of course as soon as you play Nightmaw your opponent will try to get rid of it with some sort of removal spell. So you'll probably want to include a few void retrieval cards like Dark Return and Haunting Scream in your deck.

This page written for Eternal version 1.21, Card Set 1    Last updated: 18-06-2017