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Omens Of The Past

Omens Of The Past is card set 2 for the Eternal CCG, released mid-July 2017 along with game patch 1.22. The new set features over 250 new cards, many of which support previously under-represented faction combos.

When buying booster packs you can now choose between set one (The Empty Throne) or set two (Omens of the Past). You also gain a free Omens pack for your first Casual or Ranked win of the day. The single cards given out by Bronze, Silver and Diamond chests can be from either set, however the booster packs from Gold chests will be from The Empty Throne.

Omens also introduces five new game mechanics: Lifeforce, Mentor, Revenge, Spark and Warp. To help players see how these mechanics can be used there are five Omens Theme Decks available to buy in the online store.

Other changes introduced in patch 1.22 at the same time as the Omens card set release include an overhaul of daily rewards and the introduction of Casual mode, along with various bug fixes, UI changes and general quality of life improvements.

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