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Theme Decks

Omens Of The Past

With the release of Omens Of The Past Dire Wolf has also made some theme decks available to buy in the game store. These decks are each designed to showcase one of the new Omens game mechanics. They also provide a quick way to jump start your Omens card collection.

Currently each deck costs 2500 gold or 250 gems.

List Of Decks

Deck Name Factions Mechanism Description
Praxis Impulse Fire + Time Warp Discover the new Warp mechanic and sneak cards into play straight from the top of your deck! Warp your army from out of nowhere and overwhelm your opponent with the might of the Arcanum!
Skycrag Fury Fire + Primal Spark Fan the Spark of rage with cards that grow more powerful if your opponent has taken damage. Cut your enemies down with steel and spell alike!
Argenport Vengeance Justice + Shadow Revenge Valkyrie and Minotaurs unite to defend what remains of the ruined city. They're out for Revenge: units you lose will be back for a second round of battle!
Hooru Order Justice + Primal Mentor Walk among the Unseen and learn from mystical Mentors high among the trees. Teach your opponents a lesson they won't soon forget!
Xenan Mystery Shadow + Time Lifeforce Venture into the Shadowlands, where dark Cultists and hungry Radiants feed upon your Lifeforce. Every time you gain health, they become stronger as well!

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