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The Primal Faction

Primal is one of the five Factions in the Eternal card game. In many ways it's the opposite of Fire with an ice theme running through many of the cards (Permafrost, Flash Freeze, Yeti Snowslinger etc).

Primal is symbolised by a claw print on a blue background.

Primal Deck Strategy

Primal concentrates on board control and spells. For offence it has a large number of units with Flying, often protected with Aegis. So the basic strategy is to keep the opponent out of the fight whilst chipping away with relatively cheap fighting units that are difficult to block and kill.

Many of Primal's control spells involve stunning enemy units. Whereas stun normally only lasts one turn, this faction has cards such as Permafrost and Ice Sprite which can keep a unit frozen until the enemy deals with the source. Meanwhile Crystallize is an excellent mass stun spell.

In terms of direct damage, Primal has storm based spells such as Lightning Storm and Channel The Tempest. Plus the deeply annoying Polymorph.

Legendary Primal Cards

As of card set two there are nine pure Primal legendaries plus others which have shared faction. Here's the current card list:

List Of Primal Legendaries

Faction Power Name
Primal 3 Mind Link
Primal 5 Magus Of The Mist
Primal 5 Pearlescent Drake
Primal 5 Watcher Of The Big Ones
Primal 6 Jarrall Iceheart
Primal 7 Rimescale Draconus
Primal 7 Strength Of The Pack
Primal 8 Eilyn, Queen Of The Wilds
Primal 10 Scourge Of Frosthome
Primal + Fire 3 Vadius, Clan Father
Primal + Fire 7 Knucklebones
Primal + Fire 8 Molot & Nakova
Primal + Justice 2 Kothon, The Far-Watcher
Primal + Justice 6 Nostrix, Lord Of Visions
Primal + Justice 12 Aid Of The Hooru
Primal + Time 1 Call Of The Ancients
Primal + Time 3 Crown Of Possibilities
Primal + Time 5 Cirso, The Great Glutton
Primal + Time 7 Curiox, The Collector
Primal + Time 8 Shimmerpack
Primal + Shadow 3 Feln Cauldron
Primal + Shadow 3 Midnight Gale
Primal + Shadow 6 Black-Sky Harbinger
Primal + Shadow 7 Nightmaw, Sight Unseen
Primal + Shadow 8 Snowcrush Animist

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