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Eternal Card Rarity

As with most CCGs, cards in Eternal have different rarities. How rare a card is affects the chance of it dropping in a booster pack or as a chest. Rarity also determines the Shiftstone cost when destroying a card or crafting one in the Deckbuilder.

A card's rarity is indicated by a coloured 'gem' symbol at the bottom. So what do the different rarity colours on the gems mean?

List Of Card Rarity Gems

Eternal Rarity Colors
Grey Common
Green Uncommon
Blue Rare
Purple Promo
Orange Legendary

The table of drop rates for the different rarities of card is - as far as I know - not published. The chance of getting a legendary from a chest is said by many players to be 10% but I can't confirm this.

In addition to its base rarity, any card can also be a premium version. This is indicated with an animated glow effect on the card's artwork. This has no effect on gameplay. Again, the drop rate chance for premium versions of cards is not published.

This page written for Eternal version 1.19, Card Set 1    Last updated: 3-05-2017