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Non Battle Skill
Ongoing Effect

"This must attack."

Reckless is a unit skill in the Eternal card game. Although it takes effect during battle, it isn't officially classed as a Battle Skill - possibly because it doesn't affect the outcome of the battle.

Units with the Reckless skill don't have a special icon. However they're indicated with a glowing red outline whilst you're selecting your attackers.

As of Eternal card set 1, only four cards have Reckless. These are Brazen Daredevil and Frontline Cyclops from the Fire faction along with Skysnapper from Primal and Xenan Destroyer from Shadow.

What Does Reckless Do?

A card with Reckless must attack during your turn. The game will not allow you to attack unless the Reckless card is included among the attackers. Nor can you end your turn without attacking.

This means that a Reckless unit will often find itself attacking when it has no chance of surviving th battle. So Reckless is more of a curse than a skill. To compensate for this, reckless units tend to be more powerful than their cost might otherwise suggest.

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This page written for Eternal version 1.15, Card Set 1