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Rolant, the Iron Fist
Legendary Unit
Justice x 3

Cost:    8
Attack:  6
Health:  6
Skills:  Endurance

Your Justice units have Endurance and are invulnerable to damage.

Rolant, the Iron Fist

Rolant, the Iron Fist is a legendary unit card from the Eternal card game. It belongs to the Justice faction.

What Does Rolant, the Iron Fist Do?

With 6/6 combat skills and Endurance, Rolant is a decent fighter in his own right However what really makes this card special is the buff he gives to all your Justice units (including himself): whilst Rolant, the Iron Fist is in play, all your justice units have Endurance and are invulnerable to battle damage.

That's an extremely powerful combination which means that your Justice units can both attack one round and block the next without fear of being hurt! Basically the only way to take Rolant or them out is with a spell.

As with many of the Eternal Legendaries, Rolant is a little bit brittle; it only takes a Death Strike or Silence to deal with him (note that stunning him doesn't stop his special ability working). But if your opponent doesn't have one to hand - or if you can Protect Rolant - then this card in conjunction with a few other Justice fighters can be a game winner.

Note that Rolant's ability only works for Justice cards (which includes multi-faction). So you might want to concentrate your army around Justice fighters and either play a monochrome deck or use a second faction in your deck mainly to provide spell support.

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