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The Shadow Faction

Shadow is the faction of ambition and instinct; hidden paths lead to dangerous secrets.

Shadow is one of the five Factions in the Eternal card game. It's symbolised by a moon on a purple background.

Shadow Deck Strategy

Shadow is a form of control faction that specialises in removal: getting the opponent's units off the battlefield. The faction has a large number of cards that can kill an enemy unit. The most obvious of these is Deathstrike: for only 4 power it can kill any unit not protected by an Aegis or a counter spell such as Backlash. But many other Shadow cards can work directly or indirectly as unit killers; there are quite a few Deadly cards and others such as Suffocate and Annihilate that can kill particular types of unit. And cards such as Amethyst Acolyte and Devouring Shadow, which reduce a unit's stats, can be killers if used at the right time.

And if you can manage to play it then The Last Word is, as the name suggests, the ultimate killer and game winner.

As well as killing units, Shadow has a limited amount of Void (graveyard) control with cards such as Dark Return, Shadowlands Guide and (my favourite) Argenport Ringmaster.

The one form of removal that Shadow currently (card set one) lacks is a board wipe Spell, either opponent or total. The closest it comes to the Harsh Rule of the Justice faction is the entomb ability of Venomspine Hydra.

For a faction with such an emphasis on death, Shadow has a perhaps surprising number of health boosters. However this makes sense when you realise that these health boosts come via the Lifesteal skill, effectively vampirism, which is thematically appropriate. Shadow has a large number of Lifesteal cards ranging from Vampire Bat up to Touch Of The Umbren.

Legendary Shadow Cards

As of card set one there are nine pure Shadow legendaries plus others which have shared faction allegiance. Here's the current card list:

List Of Shadow Legendaries

Faction Power Name
Shadow 3 Means To An End
Shadow 5 Obrak, The Feaster
Shadow 6 Whispers In The Void
Shadow 7 Shadowlands Feaster
Shadow 7 Venomspine Hydra
Shadow 8 Touch Of The Umbren
Shadow 8 Vara, Fate Touched
Shadow 9 The Last Word
Shadow 24 (!) The Witching Hour
Shadow + Fire 4 Bandit Queen
Shadow + Fire 4 Statuary Maiden
Shadow + Fire 5 Scraptank
Shadow + Fire 7 Stonescar Leviathan
Shadow + Fire 7 Voprex, The Great Ruin
Shadow + Justice 3 Bartholo, The Seducer
Shadow + Justice 3 Inquisitor Makto
Shadow + Justice 7 Grinva, Judge Of Battles
Shadow + Primal 3 Feln Cauldron
Shadow + Primal 3 Midnight Gale
Shadow + Primal 6 Black-Sky Harbinger
Shadow + Primal 7 Nightmaw, Sight Unseen
Shadow + Primal 8 Snowcrush Animist Shadow + Time 3 Ayan, The Abductor Shadow + Time 5 Mask Of Torment Shadow + Time 9 Worldjoiner
Fire + Primal +

Justice + Shadow + Time

8 Nictotraxian

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