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Shields Of Order

Shields Of Order is a Gauntlet Deck from the the PvE Gauntlet mode of the Eternal card game. It's based around cards from the Justice and Primal factions, a faction combo known as Hooru.

Card List

The cards listed below all for part of the Shields Of Order deck; only card names are given, not counts, and Power cards have been omitted. This deck listing might not be complete yet, it just contains the cards that I've met so far whilst playing against it.

Card Name Card Type Power Cost
Common Cards
Aerial Ace Unit 5
Eilyn's Favor Spell 2
Finest Hour Fast Spell 1
Foothills Alpha Unit 3
Hooru Stranger Unit 2
Icebow Weapon 1
Rolant's Favor Spell 2
[Seek Power]] Spell 1
Shield Basj Spell 4
Spellshield Architect Spell 3
Worn Shield Weapon 1
Uncommon Cards
Borderlands Waykeeper Unit 2
Bronze Cuirass Weapon 4
Cliffside Porter Unit 1
Crownwatch Paladin Unit 2
Duelist's Blade Relic Weapon 5
Permafrost Spell 1
Snowcrust Yeti Unit 1
Throne Warden Unit 5
Thunderbird Unit 3
Rare Cards
Copperhall Bailiff Unit 3
Shelterwing Rider Unit 4
Valkyrie Wings Weapon 6
Legendary Cards
Rilgon, Hooru Operative Unit 4
Promo Cards

This page written for Eternal version 1.22, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 18-08-2017