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Shiftstone is used to fuel magic and technology in Myria. It's also used to craft new cards in the deckbuilder.

What Is Shiftstone?

In terms of Eternal lore, Shiftstone is a valuable mineral with inherent magical power on which much of the civilisation is based.

In terms of gameplay, Shiftstone is the resource used for crafting cards. The amount of Shiftstone you currently have is shown in the menu bar at the top. It's the euqivalent of 'dust' elsewhere and is often referred to as such by players.

How To Get Shiftstone

The main way to gain Shiftstone is to destroy cards you don't want. This process is called Disenchanting and known informally as 'dusting'.

You're only allowed a maximum of four copies of any card in a deck, so there's no point keeping more than four. You might as well destroy the rest and get the Shiftstone. Of course you can also destroy cards you really don't want even if you have less than four. I don't like doing this, because who knows what deck design I might think of later?

How To Destroy Cards

The easiest way to destroy all extra copies of cards is by pressing the Shiftstone button in the top menu bar. This lets you destroy all extra copies in one go.

Alternatively you can destroy any cards individually in the deckbuilder. Click on the card and there's a 'Destroy' button at the bottom right. The number above the button shows you how much Shiftstone you'll get for its destruction.

This page written for Eternal version 1.22, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 4-08-2017