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Sigil cards in Eternal show a large copy of the relevant faction's symbol. They have no cost, battle numbers or text.

What Are Sigils?

Sigils are the main Power cards in Eternal. You can play a maximum of one per turn and each Sigil increases your maximum power by one as well as increasing your influence with the relevant faction by one.

Sigils aren't counted as normal cards, so you don't need to worry about how to get them. You're assumed to have an unlimited number of every faction sigil at your disposal for deck building.

Sigils are not subject to the usual limit of only our copies of a card in a deck. However your deck must contain at least one third and at most two thirds power cards. So if you're building a lean 75 card deck you'll have to include between 25 and 50 power cards.

How To Add Sigils

When you first start playing Eternal, the deckbuilder is in Basic mode. In this mode you can't add sigils manually. Instead, the game automatically adds what it considers a decent selection of power cards to your deck (though it doesn't actually show them in the beck builder screen).

That's useful for an absolute beginner, but not much use for serious deck building and strategy. So how do you take control and add sigils yourself?

Go into the game options (the gear icon in the upper left) then choose 'Gameplay' and enable 'Advanced Deckbuilding'.

Now when you're in the deckbuilder your power cards show up in your card list and can be added or removed like any other cards, at which point they show up in the deck's card list. If your selection of power cards is below the one third minimum then an 'Add Power' button appears at the bottom of the deck card list to add some automatically.

This page written for Eternal version 1.16, Card Set 1    Last updated: 20-02-2017