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Skycrag Sorcery

Skycrag Sorcery is a Gauntlet Deck from the the PvE Gauntlet mode of the Eternal card game. It's based around cards from the Fire and Primal factions, a faction combo known as Skycrag.

Card List

The cards listed below all for part of the Skycrag Sorcery deck; only card names are given, not counts, and Power cards have been omitted. I'm not claiming that this is a full deck listing, it just contains the cards that I've met so far whilst playing against it.

As well as the cards listed below this deck also seems to have 'Detonate' - no, I don't know where that comes from!

Card Name Card Type Power Cost
Common Cards
Gun Down Spell 5
Kaleb's Favor Spell 2
Mortar Fast Spell 4
Jotun Cyclops Unit 4
Skycrag Stranger Unit 2
Torch Fast Spell 2
Wisdom Of The Elders Fast Spell 2
Uncommon Cards
Assembky Line Spell 3
Elysian Trailblazer Unit 5
Jortun Hurler Unit 5
North-Wind Herald Unit 6
Piercing Shot Spell 2
Tundra Explorer Unit 3
Rare Cards
Obliterate Spell 5
Legendary Cards

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