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Talir's Favored
Common Unit
Time x 1

Cost:    2
Attack:  0
Health:  2

Draw a Time Sigil from your deck.

Talir's Favored

Talir's Favored is a Common spell card from the Eternal card game. This card is the Favor spell for the Time faction.

What Does Talir's Favored Do?

When you play this card you immediately draw a Time Sigil from your deck. If your deck has no Time sigils left then you get nothing.

And that's it. Unlike the other Favor cards, there's no extra ability. Which sounds a bit unfair. However the difference is that whilst the other Favor cards are all spells, this one is a unit. So you get a 0/2 blocker on the battlefield. That's why this card's name uses the word 'Favored' instead of being called than 'Talir's Favor'.

This page written for Eternal version 1.23, Card Sets 1 & 2    Last updated: 19-08-2017