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The Last Word
Legendary Relic Weapon
Shadow x 3

Cost:    9
Attack:  +1
Armor:   +1
Skills:  Deadly,

Ultimate: Pay 9 to make The Last Word's attacks deadly to players.

The Last Word

The Last Word is a legendary relic card from the Eternal card game. It belongs to the Shadow faction.

What Is The Last Word?

The Last Word is a potentially very powerful card that can win the game for you; however it's also very 'brittle' and if you get your timing wrong can come to nothing.

What Does The Last Word Do?

When you play this card on your main character it gains a +1/+1 weapon. Although not very powerful in itself, it has Deadly and Quickdraw which means that it can take out one enemy unit a turn without suffering damage.

That's not bad, but what really makes this card special is its Ultimate ability: if you pay 9, it becomes Lethal to your opponent's main character. So a successful attack to the face wins the game. Nice.

Of course there are catches - otherwise it would be in every deck build! For a start you need to get to 9 Power to play The Last Word. Then you'll probably need another turn to activate the Ultimate ability. Even then you can't actually attack your enemy main character until you clear out any blockers.

Whilst you're doing all that, your opponent has plenty of time to attack your main character. The Last Word only has one point of armour, so any successful attack on your face will break it.

So to make best use of this card you'll also need plenty of support for it. Ideally you'll want to build up armour from other sources either before or immediately after you play this. Then you need a way to clear your opponent's side of the board fast: cards such as Stray Into Shadows or Harsh Rule will help here. And ideally you'll also have a Backlash in your hand to counter any direct damage spell such as Torch.

So although powerful, The Last Word is difficult to take advantage of and need a deck built around it. But when the plan does come together... it's awesome!

This page written for Eternal version 1.17, Card Set 1    Last updated: 28-06-2017